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Moral SEO is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated to empowering our clients.

There is nothing arbitrary about how search engines work. Even if it were apparently vague by the search engine management, we would rely on statistics and clear observations on Google’s search engine algorithms. If we let our strategy random, the results will also be random.

Therefore, everything we do should be already driven by the well-studied plan. It’s years of experience.

Collect Data

First, we do collect the full data about your project.

Website Inspection

Then, we inspect your site technically & content.

Create Strategy

Finally, we make a strategy to suit your project.

Why Choose Us

Work with a Dedicated
SEO Company

From keyword research to technical optimization to site complete SEO campaigns, our team is professional.

We would love to share some of our statics with you.

Our Projects Distribution Percentages

eCommerce SEO Campigns 44%
Blogs SEO Campaigns 32%
Companies SEO Campaigns 14%
SaaS SEO Campaigns 10%
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Meet Our Leadership Team

If we had a ‘secret sauce’ it would be our awesome people.
We have the best professional team that drinks a cup of keywords every early morning.
Here we have listed our team leaders only; more uprising talents are working behind the scene.

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Anass Habrah

SEO Consultant
Alan Say

Alan Say

OnSite SEO Supervisor
Sajjak Alli

Sajjak Alli

OffSite SEO Supervisor
Gabie Solis

Gabie Solis

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